The death of a loved one, the loss of a pet, infertility issues, a broken relationship, or the loss of anything else important in your life. These situations all

require processing and grieving. I can help you understand your loss, cope with triggers,

and adjust to your new normal.


Fresh out of school, a new job, new relationships, a big move, or adding children to your family. I can help you think about your situation in a way that feels less overwhelming and provides clarity on your next steps.


No one to talk to, no one to listen to you, no one to validate your feelings. Living alone and missing a connection with someone who cares? I’ll listen to you talk about the best day you’ve had or the hardest day you’ve had. Big or small, I care.



Loss of interest, no motivation, extreme exhaustion, negative thoughts, low mood, or dreading your day. I can help you understand your depression or hopelessness in a way that encourages you to make small changes so that depression does not define you.



A relationship that you are starting to doubt, constant disagreements, pet peeves, lack of communication or decrease in intimacy. I can help you process your relationship so that you feel comfortable addressing your concerns with your partner.



A racing mind that keeps you up at night, panic as soon as your

feet hit the floor, fear to face the day, panic attacks during the day, stress driving home, worry about the next day. I will provide you skills to manage your thoughts, slow down the stress, and prevent worry.



Initial Session (60 minutes) $100

Follow Up Sessions (50-55 minutes) $90

Payment is required at time of service.
I accept all major credit & debit cards including HSA/FSA.

I do not accept insurance, however I can provide a superbill when applicable for you to submit to your insurance company.  Please ask for details.

Please note I require 48 hours notice for cancellations. Please see the FAQ's for my cancellation policy.

In-office sessions are available in Upper Arlington and virtual sessions are available for Ohio residents.
How we meet is your choice! Rates are the same for office and virtual sessions.

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